The Most Powerful Technological Platform. 

A New WiFi Network Management Concept.


  • Service Management: Pricing, Traffic, Connection Time, Devices Filtering, Data Allowance, Usage Data.

  • PINS Management: Groups, Trial Mode / Period, Business Corner.

  • Multiple Clients Connection Service.

  • User Privileges and Access Restriction Management and Platform Piloting.

  • Historical Log of System Modifications made by users.

  • Remote Incidences Management Feature, Advance Detention Tools and User Support.

  • Customizable Bandwidth Priority Capabilities for VIP Services.

  • Network Load Balancer and Bandwidth Management.

  • Customizable QoS, Traffic and Bandwidth Shaping per Client.

  • Scheduled System Report.

  • Real time Information availability.

  • Business Center Management Support.

  • Incident Ticketing Management Service.

  • Client Improvement Suggestions Ticketing Service.

  • Chain’s Control Panel Capability.

  • Corporate PINS Management by MAC Address.

  • PINS Printing. Customizable Templates.

  • Multi-Language Platform.

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Number of Online Users.

  • Network Layout Floor Plan that shows the Status of every Device.

  • Network Topology View and Devices Status.

  • Remote Monitoring of Network Devices Status.

  • Data Traffic of each Internet Service and Data Usage Report per Clients.

  • Incidences, Device Connections and Users Logon Histories.

  • Detailed Data Usage Reports.

  • Event triggers and notifications.

Secure Connection

  • Isolated Devices Feature

  • Attacks, Virus and Spam Detection

  • Network and Services Unauthorized Access Restrictions by Perimeter Firewall

  • Isolated Network for Staff Personnel

  • Encrypted Data

  • Optimized Format for Password and PINS

  • Create Homepages or Captive Portal with our Drag & Drop Web Editor

  • Wide Range of Available Widgets: Image, Text Box, Toolbar, Combo Box, Icons, Banners, Dynamic Banners, A-B Test, Feedback Forms.

  • Social Network Access: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google +

  • Access Code and Pins field for user registration are customizable

  • Multi Language Captive and Corporative Portals

  • Homepage Templates design Capabilities

  • Marketing Campaigns Design based on Geolocation, Time Zones, Proximity Market and fidelity plans.

  • Access to Users Data: Device technical details, Language, Age, Genre, Name, Email, etc.

  • Banners Metrics, KPIs and CTR

  • Programmatic or Targeted Commerce / Advertising

  • Metrics and BBDD

  • Customizable and Scheduled Reports and Connections Statistics Capabilities

  • Network Configuration for MICE events: Multiple SSID, Portals, Customizable Pins and LAN Network Configuration for Specific Users.

Software & Hardware Integration

  • Multidisciplinary Development Team Specialized in Network Platform Integration

  • Every Integration Project is individually analyzed and executed

  • Full Integration and Compatibility with Previously Installed Networks.

  • Turn-Key Solutions

  • Average Implementation Time of 15 minutes. Once the WiFi.Pro Controller has been installed the Platform goes up allowing you to manage all of its devices.

  • The WiFi.Pro Platform allows absolute control over the Business Network and/or Integrator Company.