BBDD and Statistics

Statistics and Data Base.

Technical information about connected users and their interaction is stored. Clicks on banners, social networks activity, form filling and registration data is saved and can be used for creation of marketing reports and more.


Statistic Charts can be presented in multiple formats, downloaded and printed as a regular document or PDF.

Users Data

Customize every application form and get more from your clients. A target oriented product will result in having access to more and better quality information.

Language and Origin 

Create custom made campaigns targeted to specific regions by having access to client’s language and origin.

Answered Form Content

Collected Information and Statistics can be visualized in different ways, highlighting diverse parameters for a better understanding. Multiple printing and downloading options as PDF or Excel are available.


The Banner Widget provide information regarding how many times it’s been printed and clicked. It can be filtered by a date range, date and hour.

Data Base

Databases allows clients to access rich information about users, name, emails, used devices and more. Multiple filtering options are available. Information can be downloaded as CSV file.